Detection and Repair of Water Leaks

In GAS FITTER HO GAR we have the technology of ultrasound, which allows you to locate underground filtration to the exterior or interior of your property.

Furthermore, thanks to the experience and the tools used by the GASFITTER HOGAR technicians, we managed to locate water leaks in the most complex scenarios such as departments, construction sites, houses, etc.

If you have a water leak in GASFITTER HOGAR, we carry out the whole process until the client has the desired solution:

  • Detection of water leakage.
  • Demolition and chopping of the area where the water leak is located.
  • Clear surface to later repair the water leak.
  • Repair and change of pipes where the hole is found.
  • Repair damaged and damaged areas by demolition or chopping.
  • Cleaning of the work area.

How to repair a leak in a hot water boiler

Check the drain valve for leaks. The drain valve is the valve that is usually located near the bottom of the tank. Hand tightens the lid if it is leaking. Do not use a wrench, as you could over-tighten the valve.

Remove the old valve if it continues to leak. Use the wrench to remove the lid from the water tank.

Screw the new valve into the water tank by hand. Use the wrench to tighten the lid two turns pass tight by hand. Never tighten again unless it is leaking, as the valve may be damaged.

Check the ventilation tube. If the water heater is gas powered, check the exhaust valve for any obstruction. The vent is located on top of the water heater and is made of sheet metal tubes. Use your hand to remove whatever is obstructing the ventilation grill.

Inspect the pipes for leaks that are connected to your water heater. If the pipes leak, tighten the connection with the key. If stretching the relationship does not work, you must replace the accessory.

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Services provided

  • Repair of garage doors – all brands
  • Automatic door opening repair/install
  • Repair of cables, tracks, wheels,
  • hinges
  • put the door back on track
  • Replace the garage door springs
  • Replacement of the remote control
  • Curved panels
  • door reinforcements
  • door + set-up opener


Proudly We have served thousands of satisfied customers and surrounding San Diego. We value our company name and the way we serve our customers. All members of the management are family members, as we are responsible for everything we do. All of our engineers are trained to the highest standards in garage door repair and also to meet your garage doors and automation or to advise you on any of the products or parts that may be available for your garage door in the vicinity of San Diego.

Our staff has been scheduling reliable same-day appointments for your convenience. We schedule 1-hour arrival windows to prevent you from having to wait for hours. Do not worry, our employees are willing to complete the work and will contact you every step of the way to keep your experience stress-free. We will call you 15-20 minutes before the arrival window to let you know more precisely when we will be on the site. We understand that you do not want to sit and wait all day for us.


Our professionally trained service technicians work directly to mean us – we never subcontract out our work to save money. Our experienced employees at the garage door of San Diego Repair will not only advise you and you to install a more efficient garage door but also commit to repairing your garage doors, with the help of your trained engineers with the highest standards in the repair of garage doors. Using the services of several renowned manufacturers, which allow them to install the garage door of their choice, the color and type are; and above, retractable, roll-up door, section, side hinges or wrap around. We are proud of what we do, and above all how we do it! We are very grateful to all of our clients who continue to refer their friends, family, and members of their communities to use our services. The most rewarding part of our day is to hear from satisfied customers who call after their problem is solved thanks to us or review our online company in a positive way.


“Garage door repair personnel – SAN DIEGO is very knowledgeable, incredibly friendly, and provides great customer service. It is (unfortunately) hard to find a technician who possesses only one of these characteristics, so finding someone who has all three is a very welcome surprise. He came (the same day I called) to look at my electric can opener, which had recently stopped running. Identified the problem quickly, they fixed it quickly and explained the cause, as well as how to avoid it in the future. I cannot exaggerate how impressed he was with all aspects of the service. “

“Everything you want in a service provider. Defined “LA” rating in my book. Our man did not push me at all, but he exposed my situation to me and gave me options (and you were completely jived with what I had heard from people who knew a little about garage doors). Great experience”

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